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Once upon a time

There was a time when you were not a slave,
Remember that.
Make an effort to remember,
Or failing that,

Monique Wittig
afrika, alternatives to prison, amharic, angela y davis, angry black women, baha'i, balafon, banksy, barbedwirebritain, barefooting, barter, bata, black folk in general, blues, cajon, civil disobedience, compost toilets, confliction resolution, congas (the), copts, euskadi, fela kuti, fros, harmonica, injera, jazz um methinks not, kimasaai, kiswahili, kufunda, languages, legalise peace, locs, mandolins, matus yahu, mongolia, more fire, mud, pamela sneed, queer duck, reaspora, sign language, soomaali, sparky palastry, thatch, tote bags, tyre sandals, ukeleles, veganism, water drum, welsh, windmills, yoghurt weavers, yoruba, yurt