militantgoat (militantgoat) wrote,

too much ice

Went to the see the ubergoat that is k'naan a few weekends ago. I was buzzing for days after it and for some reason while brushing my teeth today(as always!), i was reminded of it. The performance was brilliant etc etc but a couple of things still resonate with me.

One was the brother pushing all the way from the back of the room to the stage and asking my man K'naan to sing the song again, he was like "huh, that's one thing about audiences back home, when they want an encore they don't want it at the end, they want it right there and then. So for the first time outside of Afrika..." and he sings it again.

And when he did his piece about the racist attack backstage on the Jamrock tour with Damien Marley, the whole place was on tenter hooks and at one point everyone turned around because someone's camera clicked. That's how quite the room was and that's how powerful his words were and it's only the tragically funny ones that stick with me to this day... "I thought this was Sweden a land of peace-loving vegans."
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