militantgoat (militantgoat) wrote,

land ahoy

"...because Turkish and Mongolian are so closely related..." is the gem that my goat of a linguistics lecturer slips into class on Thursday. Well of course, i mean it makes sense if you think about it. Some people have told me i'm reading too much into it but i think there a signs everywhere i look. I just clearly need to be in Mongolia.

Apparently for the last three years i have been messing around in the murky shallows of the second floor and the tepid stagnant pool of the fourth floor when the third was where it is AT. The third floor is ram-packed with linguistics goats. People who are not only apprently passionate about their subject but also already know my name, which is completely ridiculous because i'm a bare-ass, unabashed imposter. Is it full of briefcase weilding coperate lawyers? is it full of incompetent muppet men? me thinks not! So needless to say i have managed to squeeze every available nanosecond out of my timetable and have devoted it to the wonderful field of lingustics. i spend my time (when i should clearly my writing law essays) working out the morphemes in Zacapoxtla (a dialect of Aztec) and composing essential sentences in Korean such as Chelswu sent two letters to Suni. It's great.

coptic_pariah and i are now convinced we are fluent in the above languages as well as Persian, Basque, Thai and Chamorro which we picked up last week. I don't think even the goats on the third floor realise quite what a monster they are creating. When Basque flag-waving, bike-riding goats board the train in Turkey to cross Lake Van on route to Mongolia via Iran, speaking a Somali-Somoan pidgin they best be ready for the consequences. If Genghis could do it so can we. Who says i'm unemployable!
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