militantgoat (militantgoat) wrote,

and there was a double bass

So it was the first time in a long while that i wished i was also drunk. Either that or that i could hack away at my arm with a tiny penknife and not feel the pain, you know like those people who get stuck caves and things.

What began as an innocous jam session, passed through the stages of great fun and musical mulfuddery and landed unceremoniously in accute cringe syndrome.

If you had told me beforehand i wouldn't have believed that i would want to leave a room full of bongos, guitars, a multitude of harmonicas, a double bass and a whole host of shaky jangley things. In my head i still put it down to the alcohol but i think i'm probably being generous and the turn the conversation took was as inevitable as it gets. This was the point at which i did actually burst out laughing.....

"where did you get your skin from?"

Now look, i'm usually quite patient person and perhaps too often try and make excuses for people's sheer ignorance but this had me on the floor in stiches. Telling her I got it on offer from Marks and Spencer would not have cut it. Fortunately for her health she kept on speaking/slurring and i didn't actually have to answer the question.

I should really have seen it coming when quite early on in the evening the topic of the those unmentionable books came up - needless to say positive comments were flying left right and centre. I just went off on one as i do with few other things to the same level as AMS and the lady's detective series. Before i knew it i had managed to silence everyone in the room with my views which were obviously not held by the other people in the room. so really i should have anticipated some kind of ridiculous comment but it still always catches me out. The ingenuity of people's idiocy is truely impressive!
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