militantgoat (militantgoat) wrote,

from The Piano to the piano

so just when i was thinking it was time to give up on the world completely i saw a shadow of hope emmiting a dull glow on the side of the street. Just up the road from me there is a commmunity piano. It's outside someone's house for public use. It can be played by anyone at anytime between 9am and 9pm. What a genious idea. The piano, that awkward, expensive, immobile, exclusive, whitest of instruments has now been opened up to whoever would like to have a go.

Needless to say the local council was not too happy about this situation and they tried to get it removed. They served it an eviction notice and said it was a health and safety risk, causing a hazard on the road or getting in the way of refuse collection. "RUBBISH" said all the local residents who rallied to its support and the piano was allowed to stay. It has been given an arts fund grant for maintainence etc and is now completely at home on the pavement of an inner-city road. we need more of this. LOTS more.
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