militantgoat (militantgoat) wrote,

Okahanja spirit

attention all Namibians in the disaspora. You country is currently being invaded and needs your help. No it is not the Germans again, nor is it even everybody's favourate newly democratic Sowth Afreeka, no this time it is ailiens.

They came on their spaceships and have taken over a hugh area of this country. But why Namibia? why? They say they prefer the arid climate of as it makes there lips swell up even more. And as it is the 'craddle of human civilisation' it should bethe easiest place for them to exhulme the remains of all of their long lost relatives - every Eurovision Song Contest contestant ever, that are rumoured to be burried in the Namib desert. They came years ago in serach of green lands and easy listening and ended up in Swakopmund. At first friendly these imposters seem to be taking an increasinly violent approach with more and more weaponary appearing. plenty of anti-aircraft missiles have been spotted and there is even rumour that they will spawn. Although unusual in the martian world where adoption the peferred choice, this particular batch seem to be with child and soon untold chaos will be released on the country.

We urge you all to take up your weapons and return to the land that has tried to squeeze the life blood out of you, return to the land of Grossbarmen, brokkies and goffels. its not too late. if we mobilise now we may just be able to get in before the second generation arrive.
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