militantgoat (militantgoat) wrote,

have a fruitful shavu'ot

Why, oh why did i not pay more attention at Heder? I can't believe that i let this significant Jewish festival creep up on me completely unaware. I mean it is my duty as a self-respecting Jewish woman to know about these things but every year Shavu'ot (Festival of the weeks) pounces on me like hijabi Fula in a rave. every year.

For the last two i have noticed the comment on the bottom of exam registration forms that people who need to make special arrangements due to the Festival of the Weeks should let the exams board know as soon as possible. This year due to my continental displacement i only found out about is yesterday. i mean YESTERDAY. Could there have been anything better? it's almost at though it were planned.

Tomorrow, thankfuly is my last exam. Yes indeed, they have dragged on insufferably. yes, its ridiculous to be being examined on a course that i never learnt anything from, which was taught by a cartoon character and an 84 year old man with one tooth, AND which takes 'history' to be 1800-1976. Yes, i sit in the library with its newlight-sensitive blinds dreaming of Paul Daniel and Debbie Magee and still wondering whether that's really how you spell her name. Yes, i am going slighty bonkers, barmy, loosing a couple of my smoothed balls of glass so that i will turn up to the picnic a few sandwiches short. All these things are true. But i only found out about the Festival of the Weeks last night at 1130. 11:30 i tell you! it's no time to discover an important festival which would otherwise have given me a brilliant reason not to sit my exam.

" sorry no i can't tell about the influences of the Christian Missionaries on the Spread Swahili in 1900 because it is Shavu'ot. I am off to eat as many dairy products as possible and put up lots of green things and plants in my house. oh is that a problem? thought not. ok byyeee."

It is at this important junction of the year that i should be eating my dairy meal to remind myself of the milk and honey and not do any work other than read Torah. so why is it that i am still pretending to be reading Historia ya Kiswahili in the library and planning exactly which bag and bikinis i'm going to take to Brasil?

i should have paid more attention at heder. should have listened to my mum.
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