militantgoat (militantgoat) wrote,


sometimes i really think the world is against me. who me, paranoid Black woman? But seriously. So this is the story of the hour as it were. My kiswahili teacher, who will remain nameless, apparently commented to this other guy on the phone that "they(ie us) are just a group of girls who have gone to East Africa to have sex with the local men". This my fellow humanbeans is coming out of the mouth of MY supposed Kiswahili teacher. The man who is responsible for my education at this tertiary level, oh and a whole more than half of my degree. He thinks that i went to East Afrika, not to learn Swahili but rather to get laid. The sheer ridiculousness of this affronts me every second in a slightly different way. my first thought was to storm up to his door tomorrow and demand my money back. If my only reason for going to East Afrika was to have sex with a guy then i was severly short-changed, hard done by and i never saw the goods. i demand my recompense. in fact, i demand a quick shag, the sooner the better really, preferably on some kind of desk or swivvel chair. how dare he. how dare he.
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